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Cirrus HD-OTC

HD-OCT (High Definition Ocular Coherence Tomography)

HD-OCTLandsaw Eye Care is proud to introduce the Cirrus HD-OCT to its practice. High Definition Ocular Coherence Tomography is the newest, most advanced laser diagnostic technology available in eye care today. With this technology, doctors are able to view microscopic sections of the retina, enabling them to diagnose and manage many retinal diseases much more effectively than ever before.

The retina is a thin neurological tissue located in the back of the eye. Like the film of a camera, the retina captures light that enters the eye and converts that light into electrical impulses that are sent to the brain through the optic nerve, also located within the retina. The retina is comprised of 10 distinct microscopic layers with literally millions of nerve cells responsible for vision – a truly remarkable tissue.

Our new Cirrus HD-OCT scans areas of the retina in mere seconds and gives doctors a cross-sectional image of the retina in all 10 microscopic layers. This has never been able to be done before in living tissue. The laser scan is painless and harmless to your eyes and it only takes 5-10 seconds for the imaging to take place.

We are now able to diagnose and manage a myriad of retinal disease much more precisely and effectively, sometimes saving precious sight. Glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are but a few of the hundreds of retinal diseases and disorders we can detect with this new technology.

We are proud to offer this new technology to our patients.